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How Do I Buy Stocks In Sweden?

Innehåller samarbetslänkar. Investeringar innebär en hög risk.
My investments in Sweden
Here’s a part of a screenshot of my business portfolio at Avanza right now which you can follow if you’re a Patreon

Keep in mind that investing in stocks involves a high risk. Ad links occur.

Best Investments in Sweden – My recommendations

  1. LYSA – Best for Beginners
    Easiest choice if you are not experienced with investing money in Sweden – Fully automated Fund Robot which invests your money for a cheap fee in mutual funds
  2. Avanza – Best for cheap fees
    Pick out 3 low fee mutual funds such as Avanza Zero, Spiltan Investmentbolag and Länsförsäkringar Global Index and you have a perfect low fee portfolio investment for long term
  3. Nordnet – Best if you want English Language
    Pick out 3 low fee funds such as Nordnet Indexfond Sverige, Spiltan Investmentbolag, and Nordnet Indexfond USA and you have a great long term investment portfolio with low fees

Investing in stocks may be one of the best financial decisions that you ever get to make. Apart from the fact that stocks hold significant value in the long run, they also come with several benefits.

If you’re interested in buying stocks from Sweden but don’t know how to go about it, you’re in the right place. In this guide I will show you the easy steps on how to buy stocks in Sweden. I will also show you the best online broker in Sweden.

Let’s show you how!

Also, if you don’t know me – my name is Marcus Lindblad and I’m running with the goal to teach you how to invest in stocks, funds, cryptocurrencies and a lot more even if you are a beginner.

Make sure to check out my investment guides on my YouTube channel in which most of the videos are translated with English subtitles!

Best trading platforms in Sweden

Your capital is at risk.

Best online broker in Sweden

Here’s the best online brokers in Sweden according to me. The best online broker in Sweden for stock investments is Avanza and Nordnet.

The best online broker for trading stocks is eToro and Skilling.

Avanza logo

Best broker app & cheapest overall for beginners


Best if you don’t know Swedish (English translated app)

etoro logo

Best for trading and following other traders


Cheapest for traders

Your capital is at risk

Analyse Swedish stocks with TradingView! Ready to use-indicators, see others trades, analysis, etc. Try premium free for 30 days.

How to buy Stocks in Sweden

It’s easy to buy stocks in Sweden. All you need to do is to sign up with a stock broker, fund your account, and then purchase the stocks you are willing to invest in.

Be aware though, investing in stocks is a high risk and you might lose your money.

Here’s the following steps you need to take to start buying stocks in Sweden:

1. Pick an Online Broker

The first step towards buying stocks in Sweden is to look for an online broker. Now, there are hundreds of online brokers out there offering their financial services. However, not all of them are good if you live in Sweden and want to invest in stocks.

Most stock brokers that you find online when you are doing a google search are usually dodgy brokers that charge high fees and have a very bad user experience.

Some of them are fraudulent and dubious, seeking ways to scam you of your hard-earned money. So, you need to be careful with choosing an online broker. You must ensure the broker of your choosing offers stock trading options for Sweden. Also, make sure that a local authority regulates your preferred broker.

This ensures that you’re qualified for compensation if your broker declares bankruptcy.

My tip: The best online broker is Avanza Bank

My best recommendation for a stock broker if you want to buy stocks in Sweden is to go for Avanza Bank which is the most common online broker for stocks among 1.5 million other Swedish citizens.

The best online broker in Sweden if you want to buy stocks is Avanza Bank and Nordnet Bank.

Nordnet Bank is the only with an English language, however Avanza Bank is my go to choice if you know the Swedish language. Nordnet Bank has support for English so if you don’t really understand a single word of Swedish then go for Nordnet.

However, if you are not a Swedish citizen and want to buy stocks on the Swedish Stock Market – my best recommendation is to sign up for the broker eToro, Saxo Bank, or Skilling.

2. Sign up and Open your Account

Registering an account with an online broker such as Avanza Bank or Nordnet is typically straightforward.

All you need to do is provide your name, contact address, and other essential information. After completing your registration, it takes a couple of hours for it to be vetted and verified.

A good advice from me is to have your Mobile Bank-ID ready as that will help you sign up with an online broker such as Avanza Bank in just a couple of minutes.

3. Fund Your Account and Buy Stocks

After your trading account has been approved, the next step to take is to fund your account. While some brokers demand a minimum deposit after verifying your account, most others don’t.

After funding your account with money, you can now invest in stocks! But before you start buying stocks in Sweden it’s good to know what account you should be using when investing in stocks.

What Account to Use When Investing in Stocks in Sweden

This is very important to read!

Whenever you want to buy stocks or mutual funds in Sweden, you first need an investment account that will hold the different type of investments that you put your money into. The type of investment account that contains your stocks or mutual funds will also determine how much taxes you will have to pay.

There are three different types of investment accounts in Sweden and they work in different ways.

Simply put – you save your stocks and mutual funds in a ”shell”. The shell determines how you will tax your stocks and mutual funds.

  1. ISK (Investeringssparkonto – ISK konto)
  2. KF (Kapitalförsäkring – KF konto)
  3. AF konto (AktieFond-Konto)

I recommend you to open an ISK (Investeringssparkonto) and AF-account (AF-konto) on Avanza Bank. When you deposit money into your account, put them to the AF-konto.

Then when you want to start buying stocks – transfer money from your AF account to your ISK account and start buying stocks on the ISK account.

Read more about the differences between the accounts in my guide ISK, AF, eller KF?

Pick the right investment account when buying stocks in Sweden
Make sure you pick the right investment account before buying stocks in Sweden. Usually ISK is the best choice for everyone.

The next step to take is to deposit funds into the stocks account. You can do so using Bank Transfer methods such as Swish, Trustly, or regular bank transfer methods from your Swedish bank account.

This video on ISK konto has English subtitles explaining how the Investeringssparkonto works.

How to think when investing in stocks in Sweden

The stock market in Sweden is the same as the stock markets anywhere else in the world. The value of your funds could both go up or down.

So, it’s not advisable to invest all your funds in one particular stock. Instead, select multiple stocks to invest in to limit risk and total liquidity. It is recommended to use a small capital to invest in them. Do not use all your savings on stocks.

Instead, make use of your spare cash. Look out for the companies that make stable profits yearly that keeps on growing and invest in them. Understand that you’re making an investment, so don’t expect to get wealthy overnight.

What stocks should you buy?

So the next step is to find what stocks to buy! You can either sieve through the various stocks from your broker’s recommendation or do personal research before investing in a stock.

My personal recommendation for you that are a beginner is to buy investment companies such as Investor, Industrivärden, Svolder, Creades, BURE, or something similar. Companies that are making a stable profit and growing each year are usually a good start whenever you are new to the stock market.

Real estate companies are also stable companies that usually pay out dividends every year which can make you a good return on a long term. A good example of Swedish real estate companies are Castellum, Sagax, Balder, Wallenstam or SBB.

If you want to invest your money into American stocks such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook (Meta Platforms), or something similar that’s also a good bet. Before you do though, you have to sign a W8BEN-agreement.

Buying a stock in Sweden these days is easy. However, to be successful with your stock investments, you need to invest with a long term mindset.

With hundreds of people raking up losses daily, making the best decisions before buying a stock is vital. If you’re looking to buy stocks from Sweden, you should consider the following factors:

Number of Sales

One of the best things to look at is the number of sales recorded by the company before investing in it. Most investors ignore this, especially if the company is relatively popular. The sales record is an indicator of whether the business is making profits or losses.

Take a look at the current sales and compare it to the previous years’. If the number of sales is higher than the previous year, it means the stocks have potential, and you should invest in it.


Another factor you need to consider is the number of earnings established over a while. It is the amount of money the company makes, devoid of expenses and operational costs.

Avoid investing in stocks because others are doing so. Do your diligence in going through their financial statement to check for the earnings.

The number of earnings made should be relatively higher than the previous year’s. It’s another indicator that it’s profitable.


You also need to consider the equity of the company before investing in it. Equity typically refers to the value that is being offered by the company. This value tends to experience minor or significant changes every year.

So, you should confirm that the figure being offered at present is higher than the previous year.

Becoming a successful stocks investor requires you to take these factors into consideration before buying a stock.

Buying stocks in Sweden on Avanza


  1. You can buy and sell stocks when the Swedish Stock Exchange is open between 09.00-17.30
  2. Select which share you want to buy
  3. Choose which investment account you want to buy the shares in
  4. Enter how much money you want to buy shares for
  5. Make sure you have the right brokerage class before you buy your shares
  6. Press ”Review before purchase”
  7. Make sure that your share purchase has the right details before you make the purchase
  8. Press confirm purchase and wait for your purchase order of the shares to go through
  9. Once your purchase order for shares has been processed, you are then a shareholder!

In the picture below you can see what it looks like when I buy shares in Castellum.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information you get when you go in and start buying stocks for the first time.

The green dashed line is simply how well the share has performed, and the yellow line is how well the stock market (several other Swedish shares combined) has performed in comparison with the share.

Mina aktier i Castellum
An overview of my purchases in Castellum

How to invest money in Sweden?

The easiest way to invest money in Sweden is to do it through a stock broker such as Avanza, Nordnet, or an investment robot such as LYSA or Sigmastocks.

My preferred way to invest money in Sweden if you have 0 knowledge is through LYSA. You will open an ISK account which is a low taxed account and you don’t have to declare nothing. You will answer some questions about risk and your time horizon for savings and therefor LYSA will build an investment portfolio for you.

The best part about it is that it’s a very low maintenance fee with LYSA, almost as low as regular index funds. In case you want to build your own investment porfolio in Sweden I’d instead recommend you to choose low fee index funds with a broker such as Avanza or Nordnet.

The most important thing to know before you buy your first stocks in Sweden

The most important thing to know before you start buying stocks in Sweden is that you need to have patience. Companies doesn’t grow big overnight.

Keep in mind that investments in stocks is a marathon and not a sprint. If you want to get rich overnight by buying stocks you will probably end up losing money. Many beginners find themselves wanting to learn daytrading before investing long term on the stock market. And they end up losing their entire fortune.

Make sure you only invest an amount of money that you are ready to lose or be without for at least 3-5 years and then you are safe.

Also, don’t forget to join our facebook group if you have any questions on stocks and funds here in Sweden.

I also have a lot of video guides on YouTube on how to invest wisely into stocks and funds. Make sure to check them out!

Best luck with your investments /Marcus

More guides on Stocks

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  1. Why do you recommend to open both an ISK (Investeringssparkonto) and AF-account (AF-konto) and do the two step process: i) deposit money into the AF-konto and then ii) transfer money from the AF-konto to the ISK? What advantages does these two step process provides? Especially when considering investments in mutual funds

    • Hi Renzo! I recommend doing it this way because a lot of people tend to deposit money into their ISK-account, not aware of that as soon as you put money into it – you increase your taxable amount of the account.

      Since every deposit to your ISK account is increasing your taxable amount of the ISK account I therefor recommend to deposit cash to your AF-account for hold, then when you know what to invest in, transfer them and make the purchase.

      I hear this over and over again, people sitting with sometimes 100 000 kr on their ISK account that is not invested and therefor making you have to pay taxes on something that is not increasing in value or getting dividends. That’s why

  2. Hello,I am not a citizen of Sweden or the European union. can I invest in the Swedish stock exchange from Turkey? can you help me with how it works?
    best regars


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